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Personal storage with a personal service

Store your personal belongings with 24 hour safe and secure access at all times with Red Cube, Birmingham’s most flexible storage facility.

Red cube’s staff provides a personal touch when servicing clients storing their household and precious belongings whether it’s for everyday use or something thats securely left stored for long or short term whilst moving homes or as your second wardrobe. 


What are the types of objects I can store for personal use?

The list is endless and the variety is limitless. As long as it fits within the space and doesn’t disturb our other clients, in most cases we won’t trouble you with your goods.

In the past we have had local residents renting a small unit as their very own personal gym and even as a pool room! So whatever your requirements of use please speak to our friendly staff and we can help you locate the right storage space for your needs. 


A storage guide for your space

When we quote a size say 100 sqft, this doesn't equate to the internal volume but only the floor area of 10ft x 10ft. With the rooms fffering an average height of approx 10ft makes our storage units some of the most generous in Birmingham.

You will be surprised with the amount of stuff you can store in our rooms with the help of our friendly assistance and useful tips.

TIP: If you have lots of small items, neatly place them in our cardboard boxes and stack them as high as possible to mximise your space

Examples of what you can store in your room

50 sqft -  Fridge Freezer, Boxes, Hand/Power Tools

75 sqft - Double Sofa, Single Wardrobe, Boxes, Tools

100 sqft - 2 x Double Sofa, Double Wardrobe, Coffee table(s),  Lawnmower, Garden Tools, Boxes


If you require further advice and help on how to efficiently maximise your storage space please call to arrange time with our experience staff and we will be happy to assist.


Local Knowledge - Birmingham

We understand you will need advice and assistance when moving your personal stuff in our storage facility. For this reason we have experienced staff to help you with local Birmingham contacts for reliable services, access to transport vehicles, equipment and tools. 

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